It was raining a lot today. We had a post-eid hangout planned and it totally bummed me out to see that it was raining. Hard.

I don’t hate rain. Infact, I’ve written lots of little rain inspired pieces back when I was in school, sitting on my balcony watching the multicolored buildings of the city washed into a dull, beautiful gray. I just don’t happen to like sinking my new pretty shoes into the mud and get my hair all poofy, is all.

It was a good time though in the end, with good food, good company and the desire to have more days like this. Brings to light that reality will set in again from Sunday, where I will have to watch the rain from inside the glass walls of an office building. Wait what am I saying? I probably won’t even notice it raining, let alone give it a chance to ruin my pretty shoes.

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