Leadership…or lack thereof

Every morning within half an hour of getting out of the house on my way to work I can think of five different things to write about.

So why is it that now I’m sitting with my blog at 11:15 pm and the cursor refuses to move and produce tastefully nonchalant but hopefully-interesting …well…stuff?

Truthfully my days are not totally uneventful. It’s just that usually I’m too indifferent towards them (can I say that? Too Indifferent?) or I don’t like going back to them again. Sort of trying to avoid reliving it you can say.

But I will mention one thing today though.

Professionals at work take their jobs seriously. It is expected of them. However, I dislike the attitude that some have that their work is the most important thing around and that without their contribution the whole system would collapse. What’s worse, their quest for perfection makes other people uncomfortable and makes things difficult for the poor souls who, let’s just say, don’t make their woes known that much. A team should be exactly that, a team. Everybody is fighting their own battles and going through their own issues within a team. It falls to all the members to pick each other and raise the morale in positive ways instead of hitting the bottom and complaining all the time.

I also feel uncomfortable with people who are not assertive when they need to be and don’t stand up for their own roles as leaders. I am the youngest and the newest in my team and I see people 10-15 years my seniors not being the leaders that they are supposed to be. It makes me wonder why they are so afraid to show others who’s boss.

It’s because people take things way too personally around here. In our country, it would be difficult to find a corporate culture where people can differential between what’s personal and professional issues. In this country, where we call our seniors Brother by default and age and experience is more of a factor to promotions than ability, taking things personally is a pandemic.

I’m getting  ahead of myself here actually. I just wanted to vent but my mind’s going off to directions that would need intense research that frankly I’m too tired to do right now.

So I’ll finish here, another of my lame endings that I’m actually painfully used to by now.

Speaking of endings, next post may be about exactly that. Endings!

Maybe this is the end to my bad endings. I can always end, with the beginning of the next post 😀

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