Lucky me

My mind is fuzzy from sleep and too many things are going on in my head. But the difference between tonight and anything I’ve written so far is that tonight, I’m blissfully content and happy.

Today’s just been one of those special days. It was a weekend to start with, and everything that was supposed to happen today, happened, and more.

I’m happy, and a little sad because I know this happiness is shortlived. I wish I could say more right now, for today is the epitome the reason why my blog is named Awfully Lucky. For I am lucky to know people and experience things that are amazing. But it’s ironic and awful because I get to experience these things, only to never see the end, never have them for good as long as I want, never to be fully content. It is not because I’m ungrateful. I am very grateful for the stuff that happens to me. What bugs me is that it’s never complete. It’s like you work very hard to get a good grade, and you get it, only to realize that the grade doesn’t even count.

I still have hope. I hope one day I’ll stop being Awfully Lucky and just be lucky.

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