26 June 2012

There were a lot of umbrellas out there today. Its right in the middle of ashar, and it rains all the time.

Surprisingly people in Dhaka have shown a fairly interesting side to them by the umbrellas they carry. You however cannot be too optimistic and think the average Dhaka-ite has become uber fashion conscious and has decided to accessorize appropriately with the season. But even without considering it, the plain everyday umbrella adds a flicker of interest to an otherwise dull spectre of an average Dhaka-ite going about their average life on a weekday morning.

I’ve seen many types like the most common plain black, the free-bee umbrellas with logos and slogans of their respective sponsors, and the random patterns and colors. And shapes and sizes too. Many a smart pedestrian opts for large umbrellas that protect even the person walking 3 feet behind them. These are more suited for garden tables, but you can’t deny the social service that they seem to do.

So here’s to the humble umbrella. And now for the metaphor. We are all plain and good for a certain thing. Not many of us pretty. It doesn’t matter if we serve the purpose. But all of us together, with our different personas can brighten up even the most mundane rainy Monday morning.