There was a time when my life was sorted and resorted through lists. Long lists, short lists, I had lists for everything. From what I wanted to buy next weekend, to what I wanted from my life in the next ten years- my list encompassed my whole life in black and white, in short words and phrases. It made obvious what my priorities are and where my focus lay.
It’s been a while since I’ve made any list of any significance. I feel, pun not intended but can’t be helped, listless. There are certain things on my mind all the time and I can’t rid them long enough to actually have to remember them. I feel confused in a sea of things-to-do, lost in a storm of stuff-to-get-done without the guiding familiarity of a friendly list. Like many posts, this conundrum will not end with a conclusive realization that will make me feel a little better. I can feel it as I type towards the end. I just miss my lists and I need a reason to make one again.