My relationships with books have always been turbulent. There were times where I used to read every single day and times when months would go without a new paperback gracing my nightstand. As a teenager I would trudge through the scorching heat and humidity of the second hand book shops in Dhaka.  I would brave the lewd looks of the shopkeepers among the tiny alleys. I would search through stacks of old books and magazines in search of a gem. Often I would find old books with writing inside, maybe a note to show a gift, or a name in a corner from the past owner. SInce the books were second-hand they were a lot cheaper and I would often buy books without knowing anything about it just from the cover, with no judgement ofcourse.

As I got older the internet and tv shows and movies took up more space than the overflowing books in my bookshelf. Then started the era of e-books, which actually began before I had access to a mobile book reader. I would sit in my desktop and read PDFs. I read an eleven part series entirely in its ebook format and most people think I’m a little nuts. But that was what I felt towards books I loved, I would be obsessed and I had to read it. Even if it gave me carpal tunnel syndrome.

While I still enjoy books I spend a majority of my time at work with no time to spare. So weekends are the only time to spend some time between the pages of someone else’s thoughts and imagination. This weekend I had a wonderful time being a Saudi Princess (although the story was extremely sad and for the first time I wished the ‘true story’ label was false) and went on to read the life of the Dalai Lama.

Often I complain about the way I have not been able to have different experiences. I live a sheltered, routine life. But I realize that books are the closest way to live a life that is not yours if you have the imagination to be taken away by the writer. So I guess this is my way of thanking all those writers who kept me occupied for days and nights, with a little ache in my eyes and a sad smile when the last page is turned.