Music on my mind

I’ve been going through old songs recently. By old I mean songs that I was exposed to growing up. I had a very eclectic background with music, one could say. Back in my formative years my father and uncles owned giant music players with speakers that were larger than me in some cases. It was the newest and coolest bit of technology for music lovers back in those days, with numerous buttons and sliding equalizers and the sexy dance of the beats on LED. The music pumped through our small apartment as I stared transfixed at the shiny, flat discs called CDs. The sound was clear. No longer did we have to rewind and forward with our gut feeling with cassette tapes to get to the song we wanted. It was a revelation.
We’ve come a long way since then. I don’t think I own any CDs anymore. My ever nostalgic father still owns his old CD player, the one with the big speakers which are not bigger than me anymore. The sound is still clear.
The songs of my youth didn’t go so much as to shape me but did however expose me to a range of emotions. From the pop-sickle boy bands to angsty grunge rock to haunting Indian instrumentals, they were as different as the range of human emotions could be. No matter how many great new songs come up, somehow they pale in comparison to the songs I grew up with. It’s not necessarily to do with the music being particularly overwhelming, it’s just something that resonates in my memory from those turbulent years.
And as is usual with me, I am at a loss as to how to end this post. Bye for now. Thanks for reading.

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