Empty Streets

I’ve been away from too much writing and contemplating and thinking inwards recently. Eid just passed, and I guess the near empty streets of Dhaka just made me wonderfully empty headed. Although Dhaka is possibly the worst place to commute in, when half the population leaves for the Eid holidays, it’s a magnificent city to behold. Going from Point A to B is not a test of patience and nerves and doesn’t take longer than the actual task you are commuting for. The streets seem full of character that you can actually see without the millions of cars, rickshaws, taxis and people to distract you.

The city seems softer somehow. More hospitable. You can see the golden light at sunset and notice that there are a lot more trees than you first thought. It’s also a bit thrilling. Like you are a kid running through an amusement park the day it’s closed. I would avoid the roller coasters and just simply walk around and notice things that get lost when everything is shouty and loud and exciting and fast.

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