I have never been very regular with my blog posts. I want to be, I really do, but somehow the connection of thought to finger to wordpress – sometimes it does not happen. When I have something I want to write about here, I do play around with it a few times. But then the night goes on and you wonder if you should ‘invite them for coffee’ but you realize that the spark fizzled during the mains so you peck on the cheek politely and give a non-committal “I had a lovely time”.

But for the last one month, I have had a great excuse for being absent. I love great excuses. I gather them and list them in a small notebook so that I can use them later. This one just works because a. It’s legit and b. once you hear it you will totally get it!

See, my dad, being the enterprising young man that he is, decided to bestow some fatherly love and present me with a tab. It’s a spunky thing, sleek, big enough for me not be ashamed of (I don’t like small gadgets) and feisty enough to belong to me. And with it I discovered a whole new world that has so far eluded my attention – the wonderful world of ebooks.

Dhaka unfortunately, does not have great book shops for English books. There are plenty of shops for local publications and a few stores have your J K Rowling and Salman Rushdie and Chetan Bhagat and John Grisham. But you will not be able to find a gem of a book that you have never heard of before in these stores. They bring books that they know will sell.

I opened my tab and was pleasantly floored that I could read any book, from anywhere, without getting out of my bed. I read so much at one go the top left side of my head started throbbing and I literally had to give my tab to my nephew so that I would stop reading. You give the kid a gadget and do not expect to have it back anytime soon.

So I have not been doing anything else except reading and going to work and sneaking in some reading in between breaks and reading through the gloriously long commute (refer to my previous hatred for the Dhaka Traffic here: Wasting Away On The Streets ) being engrossed in fantasy lands of stormlight magic (Words of Radiance – Brandon Sanderson) and crazy wives (Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn). I have so many options to read it is driving me insane.

It’s just the best feeling.


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