I love the time before a trip starts – the time when you are packing and with the flight in a few hours. Nothing get’s my juices flowing but this anticipation of all the possibilities a trip may have. I love the first journey almost as much as the actual trip itself. If it’s someplace new it’s even better. I get little butterflies almost like I’m about to meet some important person or like it’s right before a big life decision.

So I’m off on my first overseas vacation in… years? It’ll be quite average in terms of things I do. We mostly plan on walking around town and we’ll see where it goes. Nothing extraordinary. But┬ájust the time away from the usual and getting to see a new place and trying out some new things is enough to keep me up all night before the early morning flight. I hope to see lots of colors and sounds and taste amazing food. If I had my way I would travel several times every year. But we all have to start somewhere, and right now I’m too excited to bother about what would be and what can be. The Now and Current is very, very cool at the moment.

Hope to come back with some awesome things to write about…soon.